This course will be particularly relevant to those with an interest in the visual representations and evocations of city and urban spaces.

The Summer School aims to foster an international learning and creative environment in order to facilitate synthesis between urban theory and photographic practice. Designed for photographers, artists and ethnographers whose work address notions of urban space and culture, the program will explore how the practice of making urban images might inform the development of a reflexive and critical research perspective.

The course is open to participants from a wide range of educational and practice backgrounds and encourages a degree of experimentation around what constitutes contemporary urban photographic practices.

Applicants will need to have sound photographic skills prior to commencing the programme and are required to submit a sample portfolio of their own work (max. 10 images presented in PowerPoint or PDF format) along with an outline statement of their interest in urban visual practice (max. 300 words).

We aim to recruit a wide range of practitioners with an active involvement in debates around the nature of city spaces and how photographic images might not only convey meaning but can also be used to construct a narrative of urban space.

Course structure

  • WEEK 1
    • Introduction to key themes in urban photography
    • Urban landscapes and the built environment
    • Assignment 1 (London’s urban landscapes)
    • Material objects and their social meanings
    • Assignment 2 (Found objects)
    • Street-based photography
    • Assignment 3 (Imaging the Street)
    • Review of visual work
  • WEEK 2
    • Individual project description and critique
    • Project fieldwork
    • Project review

In addition to further theoretical discussions the second week will focus on participants’ self-directed visual projects. They are encouraged to select an area of urban photography addressing a key issue. This might be street photography, signs and advertising in urban space, urban architecture, urban landscapes and material objects. The main objective is to facilitate a conceptual and creative link between urban theory and visual practice framing it within a critical analysis of urban theory. The week finalises with the photo exhibition.



An additional workshop to refresh or consolidate practice and theory will be offered prior to commencing the Summer School. This is an intensive two-day optional course that includes practical assignments and focuses on composition, exposure, lighting and working with digital and analogue cameras.  The workshop will take place on 17th and 18th August and the fee will be £265.00