Eidyllion looks at points where desire for experience or knowledge are fulfilled by culturally constructed, simulated and mediated experience within a highly developed consumerist society, particularly where visual imagery is used to build meaning. I intend to research the drive that fuels the creation of these simulated environments within contemporary consumer society and how the proliferation of simulated or mediated imagery or environments, effects the way we engage with the world.

The project work with photography in commercial leisure environments (theme parks, cultural villages/living museums, shopping malls and tourist attractions) to explore how visual language is developed and used to convey meaning within the parameters of a consumer-orientated environment. Where the meaning created relates more to culturally created myth or idealism than reality. The project aims to contrast or juxtapose the culturally created myth embedded into the construction of these environments with s sense of the physical reality of the environments.

The design of these constructed leisure environments references, for example, historical anthropological and documentary photography and text, and the fantasy recreations of cinema, spectacles like the Indiana Jones films. They exist in the unclear and potentially problematic zone between perceived fact and fiction. By bringing this imagery into the context of contemporary art I wish to explore also how an art audience, adept also at reading commercial imagery makes sense and meaning from the resultant images, by relying on the (diverse) “bank” of visual reference that the viewer would hold as part of a visually driven consumer culture. In how the viewer “fills in the gaps” and wish to experiment with the creation of meaning within the context of contemporary art consumption.